"Urgent: Houthi Missile Forces US Navy Escort to Retreat!"

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised stability, but challenges persist, with Donald Trump seen as a potential US president again.

The war in Ukraine continues, raising concerns about global interest and battle fatigue.

Ongoing conflicts, including the Middle East war and the climate crisis, pose challenges in the new year.

Elections are anticipated globally, bringing hope for change, while The Guardian seeks financial support for independent journalism.

The average monthly support in India is around $4, emphasizing reader contributions for sustaining journalism.

The Guardian commits to keeping journalism free without paywalls, seeking collective support.

Bin Mubarak urged reconsideration in dealing with Houthi militias, hinting at freezing the internal peace process.

A ceasefire in April 2022 led to reduced violence, but tensions persist despite the truce's official expiration in October.

Saudi Arabia expresses caution about Western strikes on the Houthis, fearing disruption of peace talks.