Sunday, 4 February 2024

"Unleash Your Swing at Denver's Ultimate Indoor Golf Spot – The Hangar Club!"

Hangar Club, Denver's newest indoor golf facility, thrives amid snowy February weekend.

Set in a historic 1940s airplane hangar, the 22,000 sq ft space features 10 high-tech golf bays.

Using Trackman technology, golfers enjoy realistic simulations of renowned courses.

Co-owner James Love, a former pro golfer, identified the need for an upscale indoor golf experience.

University of Denver’s men’s golf team chooses Hangar Club as its official indoor practice facility.

Walk-ins can rent bays with dynamic pricing, ranging from $45 per hour to $70 on weekends.

Hangar Club offers a locally-driven menu, pairing dishes like Tuna Poke with cocktails and wines.

Owners transformed the historic warehouse into a unique space, building everything from scratch.

"Hangar Club" name chosen for seamless integration into the Lowry neighborhood, attracting foot traffic.