"Turkish Milestone: First Astronaut Lands with Three Peers at Space Station!"

Axiom Space's four-person crew, including Turkey's first astronaut, arrived at the ISS for a two-week mission.

The mission was organized: commercially by Axiom, emphasizing private sector involvement in space travel.

Liftoff took place from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, with SpaceX providing the Crew Dragon and Falcon 9.

Crew Dragon :autonomously docked with the ISS after a 37-hour journey, soaring over the South Pacific.

Axiom-3 crew, led by Michael López-Alegría, will conduct 30+ scientific experiments in microgravity.

López-Alegría,: a retired NASA astronaut, commanded Axiom's first all-private ISS mission in April 2022.

Italian Air Force Colonel Walter Villadei served as second-in-command for Axiom-3.

The crew also includes Swedish aviator Marcus Wandt and Alper Gezeravcı, Turkey's first astronaut.

Axiom charges a minimum of $55 million per seat, targeting foreign governments and private patrons.

Axiom is actively involved in developing a commercial space station, possibly replacing the ISS in the future.