"Starry Night: Glamorous Red Carpet Moments at 2024 NBR Gala! 🌟πŸ”₯"

2024 NBR Awards Gala: – Celebrating cinema art in New York City on Jan. 11.

Actress in White Blazer: – Chic white blazer top and long black skirt ensemble.

Magenta Strappy Gown: – Striking magenta gown steals the spotlight.

Elegant Strapless Black Gown: – Actress exudes timeless glamour in a strapless black gown.

Love Actually Star in Black: – Star from Love Actually rocks an all-black dress.

Bullet Train Actress Presence: – Bullet Train actress graces NBR Awards Gala.

Singer in Bold Blue: – Singer and actress shines in a bold blue gown.

All Brown Suit Fashion: – Past Lives actor makes a statement in an all-brown suit.

Diverse Gala Fashion: – Red carpet showcases varied styles, from chic blazers to strappy gowns.