"Squid Game Star's US Mansion Ransacked: Shocking Break-In!"

Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 

Lee Byung Hun's Los Angeles residence experienced a burglary last week, confirmed by his agency, BH Entertainment.

The burglars gained access by breaking a sliding glass door, but fortunately, no damage occurred during the break-in.

Lee Byung Hun was not at home when the incident happened, ensuring his safety.

BH Entertainment stated that there was a break-in, but it has been confirmed that there was no damage to the property.

According to TMZ, one of Lee's staff members discovered the ransacked home upon a visit last week.

Police sources suggest that the burglary appears to be part of a series targeting wealthy areas in Los Angeles, not specifically aimed at the actor.

The LAPD is actively investigating the incident, and no arrests have been reported yet.

Lee Byung Hun, upon his return to Los Angeles, will assist the police in identifying any missing belongings.

The actor and his wife purchased the LA residence near Universal Studios in 2019 for approximately $2 million.