"RNC Leaders' Warning: No Showdown to Stop Trump's Nomination Expected!"

Saturday, 3 February 2024

RNC leaders emphasize no repeat of 2016 convention showdown to prevent Trump's nomination.

David Bossie, Trump ally and RNC member, dismisses any possibility of a disruptive convention.

Trump's primary wins and rule changes diminish chances of resistance or upheaval.

California's new procedure virtually guarantees Trump all delegates with his high polling numbers.

Nikki Haley unlikely to rely on convention floor fight for her nomination bid.

Morton Blackwell, RNC rules committee member, downplays rumors of potential rule changes.

The "Free the Delegates" movement in 2016 failed to prevent Trump's nomination.

Kendal Unruh, movement leader, acknowledges former allies now fully support Trump

RNC rules require over 94% of delegations to vote for their assigned candidate in the first round.