"Nikola Jokic's Emotional Tribute Propels Nuggets to Victory! 🏀🙌

Nikola Jokic nearly achieves a triple-double with 34 points, 12 rebounds, and nine assists against the Celtics.

Jokic's: outstanding performance leads the Nuggets to a 102-100 victory in his first game since mentor Dejan Milojevic's death.

Fans affectionately term :Jokic's near triple-doubles as "Sombor-doubles," honoring his Serbian hometown.

Milojevic: a mentor and close friend of Jokic, passed away at 46 due to a heart attack in Salt Lake City.

Jokic's heavy-hearted play amid grief receives praise from teammates, including Aaron Gordon.

Nuggets coach :Michael Malone expresses pride in Jokic's ability to honor Milojevic's memory through his performance.

Despite grieving, Jokic's fitting performance showcases resilience and strength on the court.

Jokic's near triple-double, falling one assist short, underscores the selfless style of play he learned in Serbia.

The term "Sombor-double" reflects Jokic's commitment to making the correct play regardless of personal stats.