"Netflix Ad Boom: 23 Million Users Hooked! 🌟📺"

Success of Ad-Supported Tier: – Netflix's ad-supported tier exceeds 23 million global users/month, as reported by Variety.

Launch Details: – Launched in Nov 2022 in 12 markets, including the U.S., to attract users amid growing online competition.

Initial Milestone: – Within a year, the ad tier reaches 15 million active users/month.

Pricing Strategy: – Netflix raises prices on ad-free options, pushing more subscribers toward the ad-supported tier for increased revenue.

Streaming Duration: – 85% of ad-supported users stream over two hours/day, noted by Netflix's advertising chief.

Consumer Engagement: – Majority of ad-supported users stay engaged for extended periods, showcasing platform appeal.

Revenue Diversification: – Netflix strategically shifts to increase ad-supported users, diversifying revenue beyond subscriptions.

Competition Landscape: – Intense competition prompts Netflix to explore new revenue streams beyond subscriptions.

Password Sharing Impact: – Password-sharing crackdown, combined with price hikes, contributes to ad-supported plan growth.