"Revolutionary Partnership: Hebrew Univ. & Meta AI Unveil Joint AI Ph.D. Program! 🚀🤖"

Meta AI, Hebrew Univ. Collaboration: Research partnership strengthens ties, empowers Ph.D. students in AI innovation.

Scientific Excellence Acknowledged: Meta AI recognizes Hebrew Univ.'s scientific prowess and Yissum's success.

Industry-Academia Ties Strengthened: Partnership aligns with Hebrew Univ.'s efforts to bridge academia and tech.

Ph.D. Program Highlights: Students gain work experience, contribute to tech development, and merge theory with practice.

Research Findings Publication: Collaborative research outcomes shared for industry and scientific community benefit.

Mentorship and Scholarships: Meta AI supports HU students with mentors, scholarships, and computational resources.

Empowering Ph.D. Students: Unique opportunity for students to study and innovate at Hebrew Univ. and Meta AI.

Dual Perspective Learning: Ph.D. students experience research and real-world impacts, fostering innovation.

Dean's Empowering Vision: Prof. Sara Cohen sees collaboration as a unique chance for students.

Global AI Progress: Prof. Joelle Pineau notes collaboration's role in advancing global AI capabilities through cross-collaboration and open science.