Sunday, February 11, 

"Discover Love: Dive into Romance Era, a Queer Black Indie Haven in Washington"

Independent Bookstore Significance: Independent bookstores are vital amid political threats to literature access.

Community Defense: Bookstores act as defenses against censorship and support their communities.

Weekly Profiles: A series highlights unique independent bookstores and offers book recommendations.

Spotlight: The Romance Era Bookshop: This week's feature is on The Romance Era Bookshop in Vancouver, Washington.

Diversity Celebration: The Romance Era Bookshop is Black and queer-owned, emphasizing diversity and warmth.

Owner's Vision: Gwendolyn Rice aims for a space embracing romance while advocating sex positivity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Cozy Atmosphere: The store stands out with a cozy living room vibe instead of a typical retail setting.

Community Contributions: Books on shelves have stories, sourced second-hand or donated by the vibrant customer community.

Interactive Browsing: A claw machine with book quotes offers a playful, interactive way to discover new reads.