"Denver's Minimum Wage Skyrockets to $18.29! 💰✨"

Denver's Midnight Change: – Denver's minimum wage increased from $17.29 to $18.29 per hour at midnight on Sunday.

Annual Adjustments: – Denver's minimum wage has risen by $5.44 since 2020, adjusting annually based on the Consumer Price Index to match the cost of living.

Tip Credits for Employers: – Employers, especially in food and beverage, can claim up to $3.02 in extra hourly tip credits, as highlighted by the city's auditors office.

National Minimum Wage Trends: – About two dozen states, including California and Connecticut, are witnessing minimum wage increases in the New Year.

California and Connecticut Increases: – California's minimum wage increased to $16 from $15.50, while Connecticut's rose to $15.69 from $15.

New York's Recent Pay Bump: – In New York, there was a recent pay bump following an agreement between Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state legislature.

New York's Future Increases: – New York is set for annual increases, with the minimum wage reaching $16 in New York City and its suburbs, and $15 in the rest of the state.

Mixed Reactions in New York: – The New York deal faced objections from some employers and liberal Democrats who felt it didn't go high enough.

Federal Minimum Wage Status: – The federal minimum wage in the United States remains at $7.25 per hour since 2009, with states and localities having the freedom to set higher amounts.

State-Led Increases: – Thirty states, including New Mexico and Washington, have independently set minimum wages higher than the federal level.