"Denver Mayor Skips Key Meeting After Overland Park's Zoning Victory - What's He Hiding?"

Friday, 2 February 2024

Zoning appeal forces Denver Mayor to resubmit homeless micro-community permit without a new meeting.

Craig Arfsten's successful appeal claims city's improper permitting process on a technicality.

Overland Park's 621 W. Wesley Ave. micro-community site at center of zoning dispute.

Concerns raised by local residents about potential increase in crime due to the development.

Zoning code requires a documented and properly conducted community information meeting, lacking in this case.

Denver fails to uphold zoning requirements, including documentation of outreach efforts.

City admits failure to follow a technical procedure during the appeal hearing.

New permit submitted immediately after successful appeal, symbolically affecting Overland Park residents.

Mayor's strategy includes building "tiny homes" in micro-communities for homeless individuals post-encampment sweeps.