Wednesday, 31 January 2024

"Deadly Fungal Outbreak Hits Washington State!"

Candida Auris Outbreak: Washington state reports first outbreak with four cases of the deadly Candida auris fungal infection.

Kindred Hospital Cases: All infected individuals were patients at Kindred Hospital Seattle First Hill, emphasizing hospital-acquired infectio

Early Detection: Routine screening identified the first case on Jan. 10, demonstrating the importance of early detection programs.

Hospital-Acquired Infections: Three patients initially tested negative on admission but later tested positive,

Infection vs. Colonization: One patient developed an infection, while others were colonized, highlighting different risks of illness.

Candida Auris Background: First identified in Japan in 2009, cases in the U.S. have been rising sharply since 2016.

Rapid Increase: The number of Candida auris cases rose 94% from 2020 to 2021, with detections in 36 states as of December 2022.

Antifungal Resistance: Approximately 90% of Candida auris strains in the U.S. are resistant to common antifungal medications,

Mortality Rate: Severe Candida auris infections in the U.S. have a mortality rate of 30% to 60%, emphasizing the seriousness of the infection.