"Barbie Stars Speak Out After Academy Snubs Gerwig and Robbie! 🔥"

Greta Gerwig :and Margot Robbie snubbed for best director and best actress at the 96th Oscars.

Ryan Gosling nominated for best supporting actor for his role in "Barbie."

Academy's decision sparks controversy over diversity and sexism.

Barbie" received a best picture nomination but missed out on key individual categories.

Critics argue the snub reinforces challenges women face in Hollywood.

Political strategist Jennifer Palmieri criticizes Hollywood for discounting women's artistic contributions.

Social media erupts with criticism and discussions on sexism in the film industry.

Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera express disappointment at the Academy's decision.

Gosling acknowledges Gerwig and Robbie's contributions to the success of "Barbie."