"Apple's AI Revolution: iPhone 16's Fate Hangs in the Balance!"

Wall Street expects a challenging 2024 for Apple's iPhone sales due to a lack of innovative hardware features.

Analyst Erik Woodring suggests Apple's 'Edge AI' could boost iPhone 16 sales in 2025.

Current estimates project a 2% decline in 2024 iPhone sales to 229 million units.

Woodring anticipates a 15% growth in 2025 iPhone sales if iPhone 16 incorporates enhanced AI.

Potential AI features include "LLM-enabled software" and an improved Siri 2.0 using large language models like GPT-4.

Woodring's optimism is based on an Apple paper outlining efficient large language model inference with limited memory.

Apple aims to use flash memory efficiently, enabling models up to twice the size while reducing reliance on cloud connections.

The challenge is accommodating larger language models within the limited DRAM of mobile devices.

The success of Apple's AI strategy could impact the sales performance of the iPhone 16 in 2025.